The Vision

The sports industry is facing a rapidly growing body of data, from sources both on and off the playing field. This data has the potential for great value to the industry, but the realization of that value depends on the use of practices and principles from the discipline of Knowledge Engineering.  Those organizations that embrace Knowledge Engineering approaches will gain value and competitive advantage from the knowledge that they create and use. 

Our Goals

1. Identify interested members from sports organizations, industry, and academic institutions.

2. Form an Organizing Committee to provide interim governance of the SSKE.                     

The Organizing Committee will approve the By Laws for SSKE.

3. Launch the SSKE website and organizational infrastructure to support the mission of SSKE

4. Grow the membership to greater than 500 members

5. Establish informational programs for the members to be delivered by the website and web-based events.
6. Create a university lecture series in 2013

7. Hold a conference meeting 2013-2014